Open Qualifier 1 Results and More

Mon 21st May 2018 - 7:00pm Gaming

These few have battled for the coveted chance to win cash and prizes in our Championship Bracket coming soon as the World eSports Arena Call of Duty Arena League Season Finale! Watch some of their casted battles on our Twitch Channel

We would recognize these teams for there overall preformance and skill to rise above the rest and put them in the Championship Brackets.

With 23 teams starting our in our PS4 Platform we have our winners listed below; Congratulations to them!

Armored Division

1st Exotic eSports


1st Aspriation GG

2nd Coastal Gaming


1st Team Lonewolf

2nd Hunted Empire


1st Deathwish

2nd Subliminal

The PS4 is not the only competitive platform; We also featured 8 Teams, to include our Team Death Match Tournament Champions, Hooligans X-Rated and the 2nd place Runners-Up KoRRuPT LEGENDZ. Those 4 moving on are listed below; Congratulations to all of those and Hooligans X-Rated with a 8-0 winning record within the World eSports Arena.


1st Hooligans Xrated

2nd Aqua Esports


1st Logic Gaming

2nd Korrupt Legendz

We take these eSports events and tournaments seriously and if you are looking to have a career in eSports then join the WEA CODWWII Arena League Season 1 and register for the FREE Open Qualifier #2 

Again we would like to thank all the teams that participated and congratulations to the teams who made it out and advanced to the Season 1 Championship. We will be excited to see these teams and more as they battle their way through Open Qualifiers 2-6!

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Clayton Taylor

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