World eSports Arena has now emerged to take the eSports Event market by storm!

WEA currently offers online eSports events for amateurs to grow and become pro gamers through the World eSports Arena eSports platforms. We pride ourselves on creating an online event platform that will ensure the proper acclimation from amateur to professional status all within the particpants creature comforts. WEA feels that this format of competitive gaming allows teams and participants to perform at their highest ability and skills thus honing their competitive gaming craft while preparing for World eSports Arenas' future Lan Competitions.

World eSports Arena focuses on the players and teams alike by providing 1st rate customer service and gaming support on all levels. Additionally, WEA also provides forums and outlest for teams to become a branded partner with WEA, allowing them to be the highlight Team Brand within our online and future offline eSports events. We try too ensure teams and players do not struggle with extra nuances of sponsorships and traveling expenses while competing by ensuring registration fees, if any, are highly affordable, allowing a vast pool of participants to win a large cash pool that would otherwise be associated with other standard leagues.

Lastly, we ensure that our platform is highly streamed to provide teams a constant and recent vidoe resume of their accomplishments and accolades as individuals and teams. We provide social media marketing and consistent communication with participants to ensure their matches and tournament participations are shared with them and readily availble for their usage with zero licensing restrictions.

We hope your partcipation within the World eSports Arena eSports Platform and Events is highly regarded, memorable and enjoyable! We look forward to your participation!